Safe Traffic System, Inc. (STS) was formed to push the margins of innovation in car safety. The mission of our company is to improve the use of those safety devices--seat belts, air bags and child car seats--that hundreds of millions of people use every day to protect their lives and those of their loved ones.

Most well known research groups indicate that improper installation of child safety seats is the number one reason
for our children's injuries and fatalities from auto crashes.
Government has designed and passed laws, *1 and *2, targeting restraint use with older children and increased correct use. However, older children do not like to be seen in a booster seat because they say "I am not a baby and it is not cool". As we know, children's complaints and opinions do count !
In response to needs and these comments, Safe Traffic System has developed RideSafer Travel Vest, an innovatively new concept, as an alternative to booster car seats that substantially increases the level of safety with exceptional crash test results. It also provides Ease of Use and Flexibility for parents while providing more comfort for children.
Research respondents overwhelmingly approved RideSafer , and indicated that it provides excellent and superior solutions to many problems associated with currently available booster seats.

*1 Anton's Law :H.R.5504 ; *2 Tread Act

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